International Psychotherapy Conference

terça-feira, 12 junho 2018


We need better theories to frame psychotherapy as an activity based on a true science of change. This is the starting statement of this event. A very provocative and controversial affirmation, but that we believe very necessary.
Psychotherapy is a craftwork, in which an interpersonal encounter takes place aiming to help someone to better deal with difficulties in life. At the same time, psychotherapy is a sort of a specialized laboratory that enables experiments on the change of the self. However, the field is far from having a solid integrative scientific theory. Without such a theory, psychotherapy is left to battles between schools and to the marketing of (pseudo)new ideas, which, after all, are usually actually very old, but frequently disguised with some fresh, and yet superficial, new make-over.
In one day we do not pretend to solve all the problems that this task entails. Our goal is to foster conditions that may enable such a theory.
As a source of inspiration for these aims, we launch a challenge: to use developmental theories and theories about the self as a way to create a model/theory of psychotherapy, from which we can deduct studies (including empirical) with theoretical relevance. Thus, we will combine a series of small conferences, by some prominent theoreticians in the field of psychology, with a round table discussion around the possible basic elements of such an encompassing, broad theory.
Different topics will be covered in this event, but time, developmental dynamics, self, change, psychopathology, and well-being will be prominent.